Add-ins for Windows Home Server

Already have Windows Home Server and want to do more? Check out these third-party add-ins:

  • Windows Home Server Connector for Windows Phone 7. The Windows Home Server Phone Connector add-in enables you to connect to your home server by using your Windows Phone 7. With this tool you can use your phone to perform remote server management tasks (such as view alerts, manage users, and start and stop backups), and view or access media files that are stored on the server.
  • Advanced Admin Console 2011. Extend access to various parts of your server’s administration controls from within the dashboard.
  • AWIECO DriveInfo. A free add-in that provides a graphical overview of your hard disks and shared folders within the dashboard.
  • AWIECO Remote Launcher. Provides access to additional administration features and system tools within the Windows Home Server 2011 dashboard.
  • AWIECO WakeOnLAN. A free add-in that enables Windows Home Server to start up every computer attached to your network.
  • Cloudberry Online Backup for Windows Home Server. Enables you to back up the data on your home server to the cloud.
  • Integrity Checker. Quietly, efficiently, and automatically watches for new data.
  • KeepVault. KeepVault and KeepVault Pro & Business are data synchronization and cloud backup add-ins for Windows Home Server.
  • Lights-Out. A power management add-in that allows you to place your server in sleep or hibernation mode at scheduled times (expert level add-in).
  • My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011. Provides automated disc copying of audio CDs and movies from internal or USB-attached optical drives, and monitors your shared folders to add metadata to copied discs, or to movies and TV programs already stored on the server.
  • Remote Notification. Keeps you up to date on the status of Windows Home Server no matter where you are; forwards all health events generated by Windows Home Server, including those issued by other add-Ins such as Home Server SMART or Remote Alert.
  • WHSuTorrent. Allows you to monitor and manage your downloads via the Windows Home Server 2011 remote website.


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