FAST ESP: Enabling Cross-column Rank Normalization


Rank normalization ensures that documents are ranked properly across index partitions on individual search nodes. The ESP Configuration Guide describes how to enable cross-column rank normalization.

Problem: The documentation mistakenly tells you to edit the wrong file in step 1.

Solution:Perform the following steps to enable cross column rank normalization.
  1. You need to disable the default rank normalization process on individual search nodes because the top level fdispatch (topfdispatch) will handle activating the rank normalized dictionaries. This is done by adding the following line to %FASTSEARCH%\etc\searchrc-1.xml on each search node:
  2. Enable the rank normalization process in topfdispatch by opening %FASTSEARCH%\etc\searchrc-dispatch.xml on the server running this process and adding
    where <interval> is the same value you have configured in normalizeInterval in %FASTSEARCH%\etc\config_data\RTSearch\webcluster\rtsearchrc.xml on your admin node (Note: if you are running a multi-cluster environment, make sure you check the rtsearchrc.xml file associated with the proper cluster.) The default value is 1800.
  3. Restart search by running the following command on every search node:
    nctrl restart search-1
  4. On every node running topfdispatch, run the following:
    nctrl restart topfdispatch


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