Users with contributor rights cannot link to an existing workspace


Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a standard Sharepoint team site where a user (say User1) is defined as member (Contribute permissions)
  • You have created a subweb as Basic Meeting Workspace (say Workspace1) to be used in relationship with calendar events as linked workspace. The web inherits the permissions from the top level site.
  • When User1 attempts to create an Event in the site Calendar, he is presented with an option to link the event to a Meeting workspace.
  • If the user selects the option he is presented with a page where he can create or use an already created workspace.
  • The user, however does not have the option of linking to the already created workspace and he is prompted to create a new workspace.
  • When attempting to create the workspace he receives an "Access Denied" message as a Contributor does not have the permissions to create subwebs


This is expected behavior at the time of creation of this article.
In order to be able to create a new workspace the user needs to have the following permissions at the site level :

•            Create subsites

In order to be able to link to an existing workspace, the user needs to have "Manage Webs" permission level at Workspace level. The reason behind the requirement is that the link operation is a permanent action for a workspace. Once a workspace is linked it remains attached to the event, and creating a new event would result actually in a new workspace ID to be created. 
The product is designed as such in order to prevent inadvertent linking to workspaces by users that might not be aware of the permanence of the linking action.


User creates Event1 on 'Day X' and links it to Meeting Workspace Workspace1 . 
The link for the meeting workspace for this particular event will be "/Workspace1?InstanceID=1"
If the user Creates a second event on the same day and links it to the same workspace Workspace1, the link for this event will become "/Workspace1?InstanceID=2"


To enable the users to either create the workspaces or link to existing ones you have the following options:

1. Grant the users that should be able to create workspaces the following permissions ( through a permission policy at site collection level )

  • Create subsites

NOTE: The permission set will grant the users the ability to create any webs not only workspaces so this permission level should be granted only to contributors in organizational roles that involve management of Sharepoint Sites ( to prevent inadvertent creation of subsites ).

2. Create the Meeting Workspaces as an administrator and divide them from a permission perspective to :

- Workspace that everyone can link to - Grant all the members "Full Control" permissions at workspace level
- Workspace that only some users can link to - Grant only specific groups "Full Control" Permissions (based on organization requirements and policies)
- Workspace that only administrators can link to - Maintain permission inheritance.

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