Error accessing new version of a file in ERM


You receive the following error when you try to open the last version of a file in the Microsoft Prodiance Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) web portal: 

Unable to find specified file version. Either the specified file has been deleted or the file has not been not fully processed by the server.


When you click a version on the version history page, it opens the version, but when you click the last version that is listed, it gives the error. ERM is designed to open the file sitting on the network share, instead of grabbing the file sitting in the last versions folder, when you try to open the last version on the Versions page. If users do not have read access to the network share, they will receive the error.


A workaround is to give read-only access on the network shares to the users who access versions in ERM that are receiving the access denied error. 

1. Right-click the folder and select Properties.

2. Select the Sharing tab, click Advanced Sharing, select Share this folder, and then click Permissions.

3.Click Add, enter the user account, click OK.

4. Select Readfor the user account.

5. Select all other accounts and then click Remove, then click OK, click OK, and then click Close.  


Article ID: 2741132 - Last Review: 19 Feb 2013 - Revision: 1