Domain controller cloning error 0x80041005


You are using the Virtualized Domain Controller (VDC) cloning feature introduced in Windows Server 2012. After attempting to clone a new VDC, you find that it boots in Directory Services Repair Mode (DSRM). After examining the dcpromo.log you see:

[INFO] The attempted domain controller operation has completed
[INFO] Updating service status to 4
[INFO] DsRolepSetOperationDone returned 0
[ERROR] vDC Cloning: Cloning failed with error code 0x80041005.
[INFO] vDC Cloning: Set vDCCloningComplete event.
[INFO] Rebooting machine


The DcCloneConfig.xml file contains only one WINS server specified, either as the <PreferredWINSServer> or <AlternateWINSServer> element. For example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<d3c:DCCloneConfig xmlns:d3c="">
<PreferredWINSServer></PreferredWINSServer> <AlternateWINSServer></AlternateWINSServer> </StaticSettings>


Specify valid and unique WINS server entries in both the <PreferredWINSServer> and<AlternateWINSServer> elements, or provide no WINS entries at all. You can also use DHCP or router-based addressing to provide WINS entries to the cloned domain controllers.

After performing these repair operations, retry cloning:

  1. Run the following commands from an elevated CMD prompt:

    Bcdedit.exe /deletevalue safeboot

    Shutdown.exe /r /t 0

  2. Verify that the server successfully clones

More Information

This behavior with the WINS entries is a code defect in Windows Server 2012.

DSRM is intentionally invoked as part of the cloning process in order to safeguard the network and domain from duplicated domain controllers. 

Directory Services Repair Mode was called Directory Services Restore Mode in previous Windows operating systems.

For more information on configuring and troubleshooting VDC with details and step-by-step guidance, see:


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