Help button does not work in ERM


The Help button does not work in Microsoft Prodiance Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) web portal over https.


When the ERM site is part of Trusted Sites, the Help button does not work. This issue only occurs on an SSL enabled ERM site.

The Help link is using a function called window.showHelp to open the link to the Help page. Internet Explorer has a check on the security zone of the URL when you call window.showHelp. If the security zone is not in the Trusted Sites zone, then Internet Explorer will handle opening the resource itself. 

But when the website is added to Trusted Sites, then Internet Explorer will hand the URL to the HTML Help ActiveX control to perform the navigation. The HTML Help ActiveX control has a check to see whether the URL is an http URL. It only lets an http URL to make the navigation, and it will block an https URL. This behavior is by design. 


As a workaround, the ERM site will have to be added to the Local Intranet site instead of Trusted Sites. If the https URL is in the Local Intranet zone, then Internet Explorer will open the window as the ActiveX control is not called.  


Article ID: 2745046 - Last Review: 19 Feb 2013 - Revision: 1