Where can I see my available Coops fund


This article summarizes the steps on how a Managed Reseller partner can see his available COOPs fund on the new PI platform.

More Information

This is an easy step guide for you as part of the Managed Reseller program to check your available COOPs fund information on the new PI platform:

  1. On the PI Platform main page, select the Managed Reseller program on the Programs tile.

  2. Once the Managed Reseller program is selected, click on the Claims summary option as highlighted on the screenshot below.

  3. Set up the sliders for the correct period. For Managed Reseller the active claiming period is outlined below.
  4. After selecting the corresponding period The Claims Overview will provide a graph of your available funds as follows:
    • COOP incentive earned – total COOP incentive earned for the period selected
    • COOP incentive approved – value of claims approved for the period selected
    • COOP available funds – remaining COOP funds available to be claims
    • COOP paid amount – amount of COOP funds paid from this period

    Note: If COOP incentive approved is greater than COOP paid amount it would indicate COOP funds are due to paid in the next payment run.


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