ICS doesn't work after computer or service restart on Windows 10

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1709, all editionsWindows 10 Version 1703Windows 10 Version 1607


Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Windows 10 Version 1607, Windows 10 Version 1703, or Windows 10 Version 1709-based computer that has two network interfaces that connect to two different networks.
  • You change the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service Startup type to Automatic.
  • You enable ICS on one of the network interfaces and then confirm that ICS connection works.
  • You restart the ICS service or the computer.

In this scenario, the ICS settings are lost, and the ICS connection doesn't work.

Note Generally, if there is no traffic on ICS for 4 minutes, the service shuts down and does not restart automatically.


Note This solution is currently available only in Windows 10 Version 1709 with update KB 4054517 installed.

To fix this issue, set the following registry subkey:

Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedAccessType: DWORDSetting: EnableRebootPersistConnectionValue: 1

Then, change the ICS Service Startup mode to Automatic.