Error: User does not have a service plan adequate for the non-Standard connection

Applies to: Power Automate


You may encounter this error when performing any of these actions on a flow that uses premium connectors:

  • Importing the flow
  • Enabling/disabling the flow
  • Saving/Save as on the flow
  • Any other permanent modification to the flow

Example error


This error means a Power Automate license is required for the current user to perform the action (a Power Apps, Dynamics 365 or Office 365 license is not sufficient).

Users who are shared a flow with premium connectors (not belonging to a "Per Flow" plan) will each need a "Per User" plan to edit or manually trigger the flow.

If saving/modifying the flow was possible for the same user previously, it is possible that their license has expired.


  • Purchase a "Per User" plan or "Per Flow" plan for Power Automate
  • Alternatively you can start a trial for the "Per User" plan lasting 90 days after which you will require a paid plan to run/edit flows using premium connectors.

All these options (with additional information) are available here: