A country specific update for Estonia to support export of customers electronic invoices in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations


According to Directive 2014/55/EU, all European Union (EU) countries are moving toward electronic (paperless) invoicing.

This release enables electronic invoicing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance for Estonia-specific format version 1.2.

The format realises all the mandatory and some basic optional elements  of the structure. This format can be used as is or considered as the base for further customisation.

More information

No application hotfix required for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance as since thisfunctionality is fully configurable via Electronic reporting and applicable to all versions starting from version 10.0.5.

Please do thefollowing steps to enable electronic invoicing.

Electronic reporting (ER) settings

Import the following or higher version of the ER configurations fromLCS library:

  1. Invoice model.version.182
  2. Invoice model mapping.version.182.93
  3. Sales invoice (EE).version.182.9
  4. Project invoice (EE).version.182.10

Downloading instructions: Download Electronic reporting configurations from Lifecycle Services

Make the referencesto the imported ER formats configurations (highlighted above) in Electronicdocuments tab of Accounts receivable parameters:



Registration IDs settings

Create (if not exists) a new Registration type with a specific RegistrationcategoryEnterprise ID (COID):


Enter Registration IDs of this type for the Legalentity and Customers.
These Registration IDs will be then used as Seller’s and Buyer’s “RegNumbers”.

Customer settings

In customermaster data enable generation of electronic invoices for required customers byturning on eInvoice parameter.
Another parameter eInvoice attachment controls whether toinclude a PDF copy of a printable invoice in the electronic invoice asattachment.
Define Customer’s Tax exemptnumber:



Addcustomer’s contact with a phone number or an email defined and select it asa Primary contact in Sales demographics tab:



Export of Customer ofe-invoices

Sending of e-invoices

When aninvoice is posted you can generate an electronic invoice by clicking Send > Original button:



Inquiring of e-invoices

The XML filewith a generated electronic invoice can be then found in Electronicreporting jobs in Organization administration. To see the fileclick Show files button for the relevant job:


Then click Open button to download the file with theelectronic invoice:



Sending to ER destinations

Alternatively,it is possible to setup Electronic reporting destinations for the e-invoiceformats. In this case the output XML files with electronic invoices will besend to the defined destinations, Sharepoint folders, for example, write afterposting of an invoice. It is necessary to turn on Print invoice parameterwhen posting and print to screen, if no paper copy is required.

For moredetails about ER reporting destinations, please refer to: Electronic reporting (ER) destinations.