Find which machine is failing within a cluster

Applies to: Power Automate


Some UI flows are failing intermittently when running as part of a flow on a Gateway Cluster.

Verifying issue

If flow runs are intermittently failing when running on a Gateway Cluster, it's possible that some members of the cluster may be in a bad state. Here are a few steps you can take to find whether specific machines should be recovered, and if so, which ones:

1- Go to the Connections pages under Data/ in the left pane

2- Find the UI flows connection targeting the cluster you're interested in : Filter for "UI flows", and on the connection details page, check out the "Gateway" field:

Gateway details location

3- Go to the "Flows using this connection"

4- Identify the list of UI Flows running within the list of Flows

5- Go on the UI Flow details page, and checkout the run history, taking note of the failing runs and the corresponding machine name:

Check the machine on which the run fails

6- Verify all UI flows runs. If the failures are all happening on the same machine, this machine might be in a bad state and need recovery.

Solving steps

Make sure the machine is online, and reinstall the On-Premises Data Gateway and the UI flows package if needed.