Norway: SAF-T report - Opening balances by "operating" transaction type; Tax information in Tax code currency; Contact person across companies in Finance

Applies to: DynamicsDynamics 365


Startingfrom January 2020 all the companies in Norway are obliged to provide by requestof Norwegian Tax Administration Standard Audit File for Taxes Financial data(SAF-T).

The documentation about setting up and usage Dynamics365 Finance for SAF-T reporting in Norway is published on


Currenthotfix introduces changes in the “SAF-T Financial data model mapping”model mapping and Finance application part to support the followingrequirements in Norwegian SAF-T report:

-Opening balances by GeneralLedgerAccounts must consider transactions of"operating" type at the beginning of the reporting period specifiedon the dialog of the report (DCR #3982296)

-Amounts reported <TaxInformation> element must be possible to report in taxcode currency (DCR #3982296)

-There must be possibility to select Contact person in “Personal number” field cross companies (DCR #3982298)

Current hotfix isavailable in following or higher versions of the Finance application:


Build number







When your Financeapplication is of sufficient version, import and use following or laterversions of the Electronic reporting configuration:

SAF-TFinancial data model mapping.version.65.63

Formore information about how to download ER configurations from MicrosoftDynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), see Download Electronic reporting configurations from LifecycleServices.


Afteryou've finished importing ER configurations, check that the Default formodel mapping option is set to Yes forthe SAF-T Financial data model mapping configuration.

Changes in the user interface

New “Report tax informationin sales tax currency” check box was added to the dialog of the report:


When “Report tax informationin sales tax currency” check box is marked, <TaxInformation> element reportsfollowing amounts in Tax code currency:

  • GeneralLedgerEntries/Journal/Transaction/Line/TaxInformation/TaxBase
  • GeneralLedgerEntries/Journal/Transaction/Line/TaxInformation/TaxAmount/Amount

When “Report tax informationin sales tax currency” check box is not marked, amounts in <TaxInformation>element and all the amounts in the reports are reported in Accounting currency.

Following amount isalways reported in document currency:

  • GeneralLedgerEntries/Journal/Transaction/Line/TaxInformation/TaxAmount/CurrencyAmount

Where GeneralLedgerEntries/Journal/Transaction/Line/TaxInformation/TaxAmount/Currencyrepresents the document currency.

Personal number”lookup field of the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) report dialog waschanged. With this hotfix user can select employee from all legal entitiesin the system:


Employee selected in this field ofthe dialog will be reported in <AuditFileSender> node of thereport.

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