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5 things to do first with Teams (free)

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If you're ready to use your Teams free org, here are five things to help you get started with it.

#1. Schedule an online meeting

  1. Select Meetings.

  2. Select Meet now to meet when you want, or select Schedule a meeting to book a meeting in advance.

  3. Add meeting details.

  4. Select Schedule.

  5. To share the meeting invite, select Copy meeting invitationShare via Outlook, or Share via Google Calendar

  6. If you need to manage privacy settings for your meeting, select Meeting options.

#2. Create a team and add people to it

  1. Select Teams > Join or create a team, and then select Create team.

  2. Once your team's created, select Add more people to add more team members.

#3. Add channels to keep your team organized

  1. In your team, select Create more channels.

  2. Type a channel name and description. 

    When you're done, the new channel appears in the team.

#4. Start a new conversation in a channel

  • In a channel, type a message to start a conversation.

    People can respond directly to your message.

#5. Start a one-on-one or group chat

  1. Select Chat > New chat.

  2. Type a name and choose who you want to chat with.

  3. Type a message and select Send.

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