Visio Quick Start

Add and connect shapes

Add and connect shapes in Visio

Add a shape

  1. Select a category in the Shapes pane:

    More Shapes, Quick Shapes, ...

  2. Select a shape and drag it to the drawing page.

Screenshot of the Shapes pane for an Electrical Engineering diagram.

Add and automatically connect shapes

  1. Point to a shape until the AutoConnect arrows appear around the shape.

    If you don't see the AutoConnect arrows, select View > AutoConnect.

  2. Point to the arrow that points the direction you want to add a shape, and select a shape from the mini toolbar.

    If you want a shape that isn't on the mini toolbar, drag a shape from the Shapes pane to an AutoConnect arrow.

Screenshot of the Shapes pane and a diagram page displaying a shape, the AutoConnect arrows, and the mini toolbar.

Connect shapes

  1. Select Home > Connector.

  2. Drag a connector from one shape to another.

  3. When you're done, select the Pointer Tool.

The Connector tool connects to shapes with a point connection on each end.

Add text to a shape

  1. Select the shape.

  2. Type the text.

  3. When you're done, click outside the shape or press Esc.

Screenshot of two shapes on a diagram page. One shape is active for text entry.

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