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Note: Clip Organizer was retired after Office 2010.

Get started

  1. Click Start.

  2. Click Programs.

  3. Select Microsoft Office, and then select Microsoft Clip Organizer (If you’re using Office 2010 you may need to first open the Microsoft Office 2010 Tools folder to find it).

Add clips to the Organizer from a folder

  1. On the File menu, point to Add Clips to Organizer, and then click On My Own.

  2. Locate the folder that contains the clips you want to add.

  3. Select the clips, then click Add.

Add clips to the Organizer from a scanner or camera

  1. On the File menu, point to Add Clips to Organizer, and then click From Scanner or camera.

  2. From the list, select a device.

  3. Click Insert or Custom Insert.

  4. Select the image that you want, or select several images by clicking Ctrl and selecting each image.

  5. Click Get Pictures.

Warning: Publisher 2010 does not support importing from a scanner or camera.

Note: In My Collections, Clip Organizer creates a folder with the device name.

Add clips to the Organizer from an Office program

  1. Open Clip Organizer.

  2. Click Collection List.

  3. In an Office program, click the picture you want to add to a collection.

  4. Drag the picture to a collection folder.

Media file-types you can add

You can add the following file types to Clip Organizer:

File Type


Microsoft Windows Metafile

.emf, .wmf

Windows Bitmap

.bmp, .dib, .rle

Computer Graphics Metafile


Graphics Interchange Format


Joint Photographic Experts Group


Portable Network Graphics


Macintosh PICT


Tagged Image File Format


Vector Markup Language


Microsoft Windows Media

.avi, .asf, .asx, .rmi, .wma, .wax, .wav

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