Add or Edit Route

Use this dialog box to define a new outbound call route. When you finish, the new route appears in the Routes list.


Type a clear, descriptive name for this route (for example, Redmond Local Route or London International Route). The name may be up to 256 Unicode characters and can include spaces.


Type a description of the route. The description provides an opportunity to describe the route more fully. The description cannot exceed 1,024 Unicode characters.

Target phone numbers

Identifies the target phone numbers to which the route is applied.

Target regular expression

Type a .NET regular expression that describes the numeric pattern to be matched.


Click to access additional help for creating .NET regular expressions.


The media gateways and Mediation Servers that can handle routing for the target phone numbers.


To add a gateway to the list, click Add.


To remove a gateway, click Remove.

Phone usages

The list contains the phone usage records that are required to call a number using this route. For a user to be able to call numbers matching the target phone-number regular expression specified for this route, the caller's user policy must contain at least one usage record that matches a usage record for the route.


To add or remove a phone usage record, click Configure.

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These routes populate the routing table, which embodies the outbound call routing logic that is followed by the server for PBX and public switched telephone network (PSTN) numbers.

To add a route, you must have previously deployed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking or at least one media gateway and, if necessary, Mediation Server, as well as a location profile and phone usage record. For a route to work, numbers routed to a gateway must be localized at the gateway, using the gateway’s administrative interface.

For details, see Enterprise Voice configuration content in the Operations section of the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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