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Append or overwrite mapped XML data

  1. Add the Developer tab to the ribbon. For more information, see Show the Developer tab.

  2. Click a mapped cell to select the XML map that you want.

  3. On the Developer tab, in the XML group, click Map Properties.

    XML group in Ribbon

  4. In the XML Map Properties dialog box, click one of the following options:

    1. Overwrite existing data with new data     When XML data is refreshed or reimported into a map, existing data in the mapped cells, whether a single-mapped cell or an XML table, is overwritten by the new data.

    2. Append new data to existing XML tables     When XML data is refreshed or reimported into a map:

      • For an XML table, the new data is appended to the end of an XML table.

      • For a single mapped cell, the current data is not overwritten (and no data is appended).

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