Check a channel for notifications in Teams

Check a channel for notifications in Teams

You know you have unread messages and unseen activity in a channel because its name appears bold. If you favorite the channel, it stays visible in your list.

Bolded team channels

You also receive notifications when someone @mentions you or replies to a conversation you're in, so that's another way you know a channel is active.

Channel notification

If you're worried about knowing whether a conversation is going on that needs your attention, rest assured: All your notifications appear in your Activity feed, so you'll never miss a thing. You get a notification whenever someone:

  • @mentions you (you also see your @mentions in the conversation).

  • @mentions teams and channels you belong to.

  • Replies to conversations you're part of.

  • Replies to your replies.

Notes: Another way to check your notifications is to use the command box at the top of Teams.

  • Type /unread to see your unread channel notifications.

  • Type /mentions to see all your @mentions.

Only channels you favorite are visible from your team list. A bold channel is an active channel that has unread messages. If a channel shows a number, that shows you how many times you’ve been @mentioned.

Channel list with bold names and number count

For @teams mentions, you'll see this team icon Teams button in your activity feed.

You'll also receive notifications in your activity feed when someone @mentions you or replies to a conversation you're in.

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