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Use a public website

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Microsoft 365 does not include a public website for your business. To set one up, consider using a web hosting company like GoDaddy, Wix, or WordPress.

  1. Search for a web hosting provider where you can build your website.

    Tip: You may find it easiest to choose the website builder at the same company where your domain name is registered.

  2. Design your business website, making sure to include your business logo, business purpose, text, images, and links.

  3. To integrate the website with Microsoft 365, you can add your business email to the website and a link to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or other collaboration tool.

  4. Make sure to connect your website to your domain name, which you're also using for email on Microsoft 365.

Once you’ve set up Microsoft 365 Business, you can create a website if you don’t already have one.

You can create your site using a website hosting company like WordPress or Wix.

We’ll use GoDaddy because our domain name is already there, which makes it easier to sign in.

First, we’ll sign in at

Select Start Shopping, then, under Website & Marketing, coose Start for free.

Enter your industry, the name of your website, then select Continue.

Choose a theme to adjust the look of your site.

Choose Try a new look.

Browse the options and select a theme.

Adjust the colors and fonts.

And choose Done.

To add a section, select Pages & Sections.

Choose Add Section.

Then adjust your section settings.

Return home to add or reorganize sections. For example, move the Blog above Subscribe.

To add your business logo, select the header menu, ad choose Edit section.

Select Logo, Upload a logo.

Choose Upload, navigate to your logo file, select it, and choose Insert.

To customize your contact email, go to your contact info, select your contact form, and change the email to your Microsoft 365 business email address.

To add a custom link to your navigation, choose the header Site Navigation.

Add, Link to external website, and add a link title.

For the website URL, we’ll enter the address of our Microsoft Team and select Create Link.

You can continue to modify the website with text, images, and more.

Once you’ve made all your changes, select Settings to verify your website is connected to your domain name, the same one you’re using for email on Microsoft 365.

Then select Publish to make your website live.

Your website is now ready for your employees and your customers.

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