Create an ITIL diagram in Visio

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework that IT professionals use to identify best practices for their IT service management. An ITIL process is typically drawn as a flowchart. The ITIL Diagram template in Visio provides functional shapes to create and enhance diagrams of ITIL processes.

ITIL Diagram template
  1. Open Visio.

  2. In the Categories list, click Business >ITIL Diagram > Create.

  3. From the ITIL Shapes pane, drag shapes onto the drawing page to represent the processes of your IT services.

  4. Use the Connector tool to connect the shapes:

    1. On the Standard toolbar, click the Connector tool Button image , and then drag from a connection point Connection point image - blue X on the first shape to a connection point on the second shape. The connector endpoints turn red when the shapes are connected.

    2. When you finish connecting the shapes, click the Pointer tool Button image on the Standard toolbar.

      Tip: You can connect your shapes automatically by selecting the Connector tool first and then dragging your shapes onto the drawing page. The shapes connect in the order that you add them.

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