Easily visualize workforce diversity data

Easily visualize workforce diversity data

In the growing digital age, HR needs to make informed decisions based on data and key people metrics. You need an easy way to analyze data and present it in a way that’s easy for stakeholders to understand.

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When HR is asked to evaluate the current diversity of the workforce, use Recommended Charts in Excel to quickly create a chart to aggregate and display diversity data for analysis and discussion with your team. 

To gain insights that traditional charts can't provide, import your data from Excel into Power BI. You can use a wide range of visualizations―from bar charts or pie charts to maps and more, like waterfalls, funnels, and gauges―to help bring the data to life.

When your diversity data is in Power BI, you can display it in interactive dashboards that you can share with the team and stakeholders, so you can make better decisions.


  • Transform workforce data into actionable insights.

  • Visualize diversity trends for easier analysis.

  • Share interactive dashboards with leadership to help make better decisions.

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