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Use this tab to specify one or more external domains that you want to block from communicating with your Access Edge Servers. Any Access Edge Server that attempts to connect to this Access Edge Server using a blocked domain is prevented from connecting.

Blocked SIP domains

The external domains in the list cannot connect to this Access Edge Server.


Click to add an external Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) domain to the Block list.


After clicking a blocked SIP domain in the list, click to edit the SIP domain name of the blocked domain.


After clicking a blocked external SIP domain in the list, click to remove the SIP domain from the Block list.

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Federation is a trust relationship between two or more SIP domains that permits users in separate organizations to communicate in real-time across network boundaries as federated partners. Internal users can communicate with external users of a federated partner by using instant messaging (IM) or conferencing. Users of domains that you have blocked cannot communicate with users in your organization.

For details, see the Operations section of the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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