How to vote on a FindTime poll

The FindTime voting page is where the organizer and attendees vote on suggested meeting times.

How to vote

To vote for suggested meeting times:

  1. Open the voting page:

    • Attendees: Select Select options in the FindTime invite email you received.

    • Organizers:  Select the direct link to the voting page you received when you sent the invite email or login at and navigate to the relevant voting page.

  2. Sign in and select your name or the name of the person you are voting for.

  3. Vote for each suggested time by selecting the appropriate availability options:

    • Prefer: Your preferred meeting time.

    • Yes: You are available.

    • No: You are unavailable.

      Voting grid

      See "Understanding the voting grid" below for an explanation of all features.

      You can select Add a choice to propose a new time, if necessary. See "Suggesting new meeting times" below for more.

  4. Select Submit.

Note: If you are signed-in, your OWA color and theme will be reflected in this voting page. Yes, we honor dark mode too!

Understanding the voting grid

The voting grid shows the current status of the voting poll.

Voting grid

  • Voting states: Your votes display for each meeting time. The colors of the voting blocks are:

    • Blue: If you selected the option

    • White: If you haven't selected the option

  • How other voted: Displays on the right.

    Other voters

    • A red X means the person voted no.

    • A green checkmark means the person voted yes.

    • A grey ? means the person did not make a selection.

  • Availability: Under the time, it will show whether your availability status.

    Availability options for FindTime.  

    • Hovering over it will show you more details of your status such as what events may be in conflict with that time.

Suggesting new meeting times

If the suggested meeting times are unsuitable, anyone you can suggest a new time. To suggest a time:

  1. In the voting grid select Add a choice.

  2. Fill in the fields.

    Add another meeting option

  3. Your suggested time displays in the voting grid.

Changing attendee details

You can amend the details of any person you sent an invite to in the Attendees list:

Invitees list

  • Select Pencil icon to:

    • Edit their display name.

    • Change their status from required to optional or vice versa.

    • Delete an attendee.

  • Select + Add required attendeeor + Add option attendee to add an additional attendees. They will receive an email notification inviting them to vote.

    Add attendee

Cancelling polls

Only organizers can cancel invite polls. They can do it on on the voting page or in the organizer dashboard.

To cancel an invite on the voting page:

  • Select Cancel poll above the voting grid. 

    Cancel invite

Scheduling meetings manually

The organizer can schedule the meeting manually at any time if auto scheduling is not enabled.

If auto scheduling is enabled, the organizer can also manually schedule the meeting before all attendees have voted or before auto scheduling is triggered. To learn more, see How FindTime auto scheduling works.

To manually schedule the meeting:

  • Select Schedule for a suitable time.

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