Insert height and width dimension fields into a shape

  1. Double-click a shape to open its text block, and then move the cursor to the place in the text block where you want to insert the width field.

  2. On the Insert menu, click Field, and then do the following:

    1. In the Category list, click Geometry.

    2. In the Field list, click Width.

    3. Click Data Format, and in the Category list, click the format in which you want the field information to appear.

  3. Click OK, and then click OK again.

  4. Place the cursor in the shape's text block after the width number, type a space, and then type x or by. Then type another space.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above, but click Height instead of Width.

  6. To view these fields in action, resize the shape.

  7. To delete these fields, double-click the shape to open its text block, select the fields, and press DELETE.


    • To change the dimensions of a shape precisely, on the View menu, click Size & Position Window, and in the Size & Position window, type new values for Width and Height.

    • To add dimension lines to a floor plan Wall shape, right-click the wall, and then click Add a Dimension.

    • To change the dimensions or add dimension lines to other kinds of shapes, you can use the Controller dimension shape. On the File menu, point to Shapes, point to Maps and Floor Plans, point to Building Plan, and click Walls, Doors, and Windows. Drag the Controller dimension shape onto the page, and glue it to your shape. To change dimensions, click the Controller dimension shape and type a new value.

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