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Measure success

Measure success in Yammer

After your network is up and running, measure success to understand your groups' engagement and activity, and inform your efforts to improve, grow, or execute campaigns in your groups.

Measure and grow engagement with Group Insights

Gain insights on how people are using Yammer in your organization, with reporting capabilities that provide an extensive view into Yammer usage and adoption at the user, device, and group levels:

  1. Microsoft 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard

  2. Microsoft 365 Adoption Content Pack

  3. Microsoft Graph reporting APIs

Anyone within a group can view group insights by selecting View Group Insights.

View Group Insights link

From the Group Insights drop-down, you can select to view activity for the last 7 days, 28 days, or 12 months.

Group Insights

This helps you:

  • Know how many members and non-members are active in the group

  • Observe predominant activity - posting, reading, or liking messages - of group members and non-members

  • Get a glimpse of how key metrics - for example, number of active people, number of posted messages - have changed since the previous period

Group insights also show you how activities are trending over time. The visualized trends show the contributions to activity of the group, to help you track engagement with content from campaigns or initiatives hosted on Yammer, report back to leaders, and optimize efforts.

Follow the Measure Success Guide

The Measure Success Guide walks you through the adoption process:

  1. Identify key stakeholders - Create a dynamic team of the right people to drive and effect change.

  2. Identify & prioritize business scenarios - Determine how your organization will use Microsoft 365 to address your business goals and challenges.

  3. Create success plan - Create a plan for realizing your goals with Microsoft 365.

  4. Execute success plan - Implement Microsoft 365 in your organization.

  5. Sustainment - Drive ongoing adoption, manage change, measure and share success.

This guide also provides useful templates, tips, and links to resources.

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Measure and grow engagement with group insights in Yammer

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