Switch to Excel for the web from Sheets

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Switch to Excel for the web from Sheets

Welcome to Excel

To download a Sheet as an Excel file, go to the Sheet and select File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

Excel for the web in a web browser, and the Excel desktop app

Can I work with others on the same spreadsheet?

Yes! Just click Share in the upper-right.

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What happened to the toolbar and menus?

Glad you asked. One of the first things you'll see when you open Excel for the first time is that there is a row of tabs across the top instead of a toolbar and menus. The row of tabs is called "the ribbon," and all of your buttons and tools are there.

The Home tab has the most frequently used buttons and features: Clipboard buttons (like cut, copy, paste) and formatting options (like colors, alignment, and number formatting).

Make sure you check out the right side of the Home tab. That's where you can insert rows and columns, sum numbers, and sort.

Home, Insert, Data, View tabs in Excel for the web

Can I get Excel for my tablet or phone?

Absolutely! Just pick your device type, below.

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See Set up Office apps and email on a mobile device to learn more.

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