User Properties

Use the Communications tab to disable or enable a user that has been previously enabled for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 in Active Directory Users and Computers, as well as to configure individual settings for an Office Communications Server 2007 R2 user.

Enable user for Office Communications Server

To disable this user account for Office Communications Server, clear this check box. To re-enable the user account for Office Communications Server, select this check box.

name

Specifies the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) address that is currently registered for this user and will be used to route messages to and from the user. The sign-in name is in the form "sip:user@domain" and must be unique.

Server or pool

Specifies the Standard Edition server or Enterprise pool with which this user is registered.

Meeting settings

These are settings applied to Live Meetings or conferences organized by this user.

Telephony settings

These are settings applied to calls placed by this user that are routed through Internet Protocol public switched telephone network (IP-PSTN) or remote call control gateways.

Other settings

These are settings to enable federation, archiving, or enhanced presence for this user.

Note:  Depending on the settings that you configured in Global Properties for all users in the forest, some Other settings cannot be configured for individual users.

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If you configured the forest to use user settings instead of global settings, you can also use the Configure Users Wizard to edit settings for multiple users. The Configure Users Wizard includes options to configure the Allow anonymous participants and Policy settings.

For details, see the Operations sectionof the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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