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To save time, create a meeting invitation template with essential information (invitees, subject, etc.) and use it whenever you want to set up a status meeting.

My team wants to hold a status meeting about the Phoenix project when we need to, not just because we have a meeting scheduled.

So, we are not going to use a Recurring Meeting.

We know we are going to meet a lot, but we don't know when.

To save time, I create a meeting invitation template that has the essential information.

The people who are invited, Subject, Location, some basic text, and I'll use it whenever I am ready to set up a status meeting.

Much like with the email template we created in Movie 1: Templates and Stationery.

You create a regular meeting invitation and save it as a template.

Click FILE, Save As, click the down arrow next to Save as type, and click Outlook Template.

It is important that you don't change where the template is saved.

Give the template a name and click Save.

When you close a meeting invite, a dialog appears.

Leave it set to Don't save changes and click OK.

When it is time to set up a meeting, instead of clicking New Meeting, click New Items, go to More Items, and click Choose Form.

Click the down arrow next to Look In, click User Templates in File System, and there is our template.

If you don't see your template, try the previous step again, making sure you picked User Templates in File System.

Once the meeting invitation is open, I just need to set the meeting day and time, add any new information, and send it.

You follow the same process when you want a Task or Contact template.

Although with contacts you can do the same thing a little quicker with the Contacts from the same company feature.

Select the contact you want to use as a template, click New Items and then Contacts from the same company.

Add and edit the contact information, as necessary, click Save & Close, and the contact is added.

Up next, Add stationery to your email.

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