Video: Shapes, stencils, and templates in Visio 2013

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Shapes, stencils, and templates are the main building blocks of Visio 2013. Mastering them is the key to making meaningful diagrams for almost every purpose.

Inside this course:

Work with Visio shapes (1:34)
If you're beginner at Visio, you need to understand one concept first. And that is: In Visio, almost anything is a shape. Take this course to understand the basics of Visio shapes and how to work with them.

Two kinds of Visio shapes: 1-D and 2-D (2:56)
There are two kinds of shapes in Visio: 1-D and 2-D. You can identify them easily by selecting them and looking at their handles. This video will explain how, and also explain what each kind of shape is for.

Visio stencils and templates (3:06)
What's a Visio stencil? This video tutorial will explain. It will also explain the different between a Visio stencil and a Visio template.

Search for Visio shapes (1:38)
If you don't see a shape you want, trying searching Visio for one. This training video will explain how to do that, plus you'll learn how to browse other Visio stencils for shapes that you want.

Draw and download Visio shapes (2:32)
Lines, circles, rectangles - they're all easily drawn using Visio. Watch this video to learn how.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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