Windows User Account (resource field)

Data Type    Text

Entry Type    Entered

Description    The Windows User Account field contains the Microsoft Windows user name you enter for a work resource. This field is used to identify and verify authorized Windows users when they are logging on to Project Server.

Best Uses    Add the Windows User Account field to any resource sheet when you want to enter, change, or view the Windows user name for any resource. You need to establish the Windows user account name for resources if you use Project Server and if you want resources to use their Windows user account (rather than the Project Server user name) for authentication on the Project Server computer.

Example    You have just set up Project Server as your method for electronic team collaboration. You have decided that when logging on to Project Server and Project Web App, your resources are to be recognized by their Windows user account names. So now you need to enter the resources' Windows user account names into Project. You add the Windows User Account field to the Resource Sheet view, and then go down the sheet, entering each resource's Windows user name.

Remarks    You can have Project automatically complete the Windows User Account for the resource on the Resource Information dialog box.

You can switch your own authentication between Project Server authentication with the Windows user account (Windows NT Authentication) and Project Server user names. You can do this in the Project Options dialog box.

The Windows User Account field is not available for material resources.

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