Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

PLEASE NOTE! This Limited Warranty is applicable to products sold under brands “Nokia”, “Lumia” and “Asha” and to related accessory products. In case of any conflict between the terms and conditions displayed here and the documentation in the sales package of the product, the terms and conditions included in the sales package shall prevail.

This Limited Warranty is in addition to, and does not affect your legal (statutory) rights under your applicable national laws relating to the sale of consumer products.

The following terms and conditions are applicable for this model:

  1. This device carries a 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty period commences from the date of purchase of the handset by the consumer.

  2. In case of any manufacturing defect that arises during the warranty period, the consumer shall visit the retail outlet from where he/she purchased the handset or any other authorized retail outlet for assistance. However, Care Centre shall not be responsible for any repair, replacement or other after-sale service during or after the warranty period.

  3. The Consumer shall be required to carry proof of purchase (proof of purchase would be the invoice/bill), to claim his warranty, to the retail outlet. Warranty cannot be availed without the proof of purchase.

  4. Warranty covers only the replacement of the device, charger and the battery in case of a manufacturing defect for a period as specified below.

  5. The defective handset/battery/charger, which are within the warranty period, shall be replaced with a new handset/battery/charger within a reasonable period of time by the retail outlet. However, no replacement would amount to renewal/extension of the warranty period. There will only be a replacement of the individual defective unit (handset/battery/charger) and there will be no replacement for the full sales pack. Further no service/repair will be offered on the handset/battery/charger at any time.

  6. There shall be no warranty provided if the damage to the handset or its failure to operate adequately is caused due to the following:-

    (i) accident, misuse or mishandling of the handset by the consumer, which includes but it not limited to the following:-

    a. LCD display is damaged or broken

    b. Handset physically damaged or broken

    c. SIM door lock is physically damaged or broken

    d. Charging socket pin is physically damaged or broken

    e. Handset is physically tampered or opened

    f. Headset jack is damaged or deformed

    g. Exposure to any liquid or abnormal voltage

    (ii) Normal wear and tear

    (iii) Any third party software, settings, content, data, or links installed or downloaded onto the handset at any time.

    (iv) Any product, accessory, software, data, content and/or service not manufactured or supplied by Microsoft Mobile, or was used otherwise than for its intended use.

    (v) The consumer does not abide by the user guide.

    (vi) The handset has been opened, modified, or repaired without Microsoft Mobile’s authorization, or repaired with unauthorized spare parts.

  7. There shall be no warranty that Microsoft Mobile software will meet your requirements, will work in combination with any hardware, software, data, content or service provided by a third party, That the operation of any software will be uninterrupted or error free or that any defects in the software are correctable or will be corrected.

  8. Microsoft Mobile shall only be liable to the extent of warranty provided by it and not for any additional warranty, that may be, provided by the retail outlet.

  9. Microsoft Mobile, its distributor, or the retail outlet is not responsible for any replacement service beyond the warranty period.

  10. Handset – 12 months warranty.

  11. Charger & Battery- 6 months warranty


To the extent permitted by applicable law(s), Microsoft Mobile, its distributor or the retail outlet shall not under any circumstances be liable, either expressly or implicitly, for any damages or losses of any kind whatsoever resulting from loss of, damage to, or corruption of, content or data or the recreation or transfer thereof even if such loss, damage, or corruption was a result of a defect in your handset. Please note that you should always back up all data and content (including, without limitation, any licence numbers and activation codes) stored on your handset before taking your handset in for service since service activities will erase all data from your handset.

To the extent permitted by applicable law(s), Microsoft Mobile, its distributor or the retail outlet shall not under any circumstances be liable for any loss of profit, products or functionality, business, contracts, revenues or anticipated savings, increased costs or expenses, or for any indirect, consequential or special loss or damage.

To the extent permitted by applicable law(s), the liability of Microsoft Mobile, its distributor and the retail outlet shall be limited to the purchase value of your Product. The limitations in this clause shall not apply in case of negligence or intentional misconduct of Microsoft Mobile, its distributor or the retail outlet, or in case of death or personal injury resulting from their proven negligence.


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