Visual Studio Subscriptions - Marketplace Subscription Overview

1. Overview

Since November 2015, the Visual Studio subscriptions team has been offering a variety of Monthly and Annual subscriptions that have the same benefits as the Professional and Enterprise SKUs, but at a fraction of the cost.  These flexible offerings allow subscribers to choose how they want to pay for their subscription, and for what duration, annual or monthly.  These subscriptions share many of the same benefits when compared to subscriptions acquired through Volume Licensing or the Microsoft Store, except for the perpetual use rights of the IDE.


2. Purchasing

2.1. Where to Purchase

There are four Visual Studio Subscription available on the Visual Studio Marketplace, which include:

  • Visual Studio Professional – Monthly
  • Visual Studio Professional – Annual
  • Visual Studio Enterprise – Monthly
  • Visual Studio Enterprise – Annual


2.2. How to Purchase

The Visual Studio subscriptions available through the Visual Studio Marketplace can be purchased by using an Azure Subscription such as an EA Agreement, Gov Offers, EA Dev/Test, Open, and Pay-As-You-Go.  However, using Azure Credits (such as the $150/month credit for Visual Studio Enterprise or the $100/month credit for Microsoft Partner Network) is not possible at this time.

Renewing the subscription is easy.  Unlike our Microsoft Store subscription, the Visual Studio subscriptions purchases through the Visual Studio Marketplace will Auto-Renew, which means less hassle when trying to manage expiration dates.

1. To Purchase, visit the Visual Studio Marketplace, and choose a subscription.

VS Mktpl_1

2.  Make sure the subscription meets your needs, and click “Buy”.

VS Mktpl_2

3.  If prompted, sign in using your “Work/School” or “Microsoft Account”.

VS Mktpl_3

4. If you’re new to Visual Studio, you might need to complete the profile information.

VS Mktpl_4

5.  The following scenario describes how to create a new Pay-As-You-Go subscription. Click "Create new Azure subscription" to get started on the Azure site.

VS Mktpl_5

Note: In this example, the subscriber does not have an Azure subscription connected to the identity they used to sign-in.  If you have any Azure subscriptions, they will show up in a drop-down.

6. Once on the Azure site, fill out the “About You” information, and click "Next".

VS Mktpl_6

7. Validate your identity through SMS or Phone Call.  Choose the option that works best for you.

VS Mktpl_7

8. Enter the provided code, and click “Verify Code”.

VS Mktpl_8

9. Complete the “Payment Information” form, and click “Next”.

VS Mktpl_9

10. Agree to the “Subscription Agreement, Offer Details, and Privacy Statement”, and click “Sign up”.

VS Mktpl_10

After clicking "Sign up", it may take a couple minutes to create your Subscription.

VS Mktpl_11

11. Once your subscription is ready, click “Back to Visual Studio Marketplace”.

VS Mktpl_12

12. You may again be asked to complete the Visual Studio Profile information.

VS Mktpl_13

13. After completing the Visual Studio profile information, you will find yourself back in the Visual Studio Marketplace purchasing workflow which is connected to your new Pay-As-You-Go subscription. 

  • Select the Quantity of subscriptions you’d like to purchase
  • Choose if you want a Subscription automatically assigned to you
  • Click “Continue”

VS Mktpl_14

14. Validate your purchase details, and click “Confirm”.

VS Mktpl_15

15. The purchasing process is now complete.  If you’ve assigned the subscription to yourself, click “View my subscription”.  Alternatively, if you decide to “Close” the window, you can access your subscription by visiting

Note:  If you did not assign the subscription to yourself, see “Adding Users” below to assign the subscription by visiting

VS Mktpl_16

16. You should now have access to your subscription by visiting

VS Mktpl_17


3. How to Manage Subscriptions

To manage the subscription(s) purchased through the Visual Studio Marketplace, you will need to visit  As part of the purchasing process, the individual who created the Azure subscription is also the Administrator of record.

1.  Visit and sign in.

VS Mktpl_18

2. From within the Manage experience, an Administrator can see a general overview of the number of subscriptions they have purchased and assigned.  Information regarding current subscribers, subscription level and expiration dates is also available.  Administrator capabilities include add, delete and Resend (Welcome Emails).

VS Mktpl_19


3.1. Increasing the Number of Subscriptions

From the Manage experience, Administrators have the option to increase or decrease their subscriptions by using the left-hand navigation panel.

1.  Under the appropriate subscription type, click “Buy more”.

VS Mktpl_20

2. From the Marketplace experience, choose the desired quantity and click “Update”.

VS Mktpl_22

3. From the confirmation screen, click “Confirm”.

VS Mktpl_23

4. Click “Manage Users.”  If you decide to “Close” the screen, you can manage users by visiting

VS Mktpl24

Updated licensing details are now visible within the Manage experience.

VS Mktpl_25


3.2. Adding a New Subscriber

1. To add a new subscriber, sign in to and click “Add”.

VS Mktpl_26

2. Complete the user details, and click “Add”

  • Name
  • Sign in Email Address
  • Desired Subscription Level

VS Mktpl_27

The newly added subscriber will be listed on the main management page.

VS Mktpl_28

A welcome email is sent to the subscriber. If the subscriber didn't receive the email, they can attempt to log in to or you can resend the Welcome Email by leveraging the Resend feature.



3.3. Resending the Welcome Email

1. To resend the “Welcome Email”:

VS Mktpl_30

2. Validate the subscribers, and click “Confirm”.

VS Mktpl_31

3. Click "Ok" to close the notification pop-up.

VS Mktpl_32

4. From a subscriber perspective, an email is sent welcoming them to Visual Studio Subscriptions.  If the subscriber didn’t receive the email, they can attempt to log into, as the welcome email isn’t a required step to access the subscription.



3.4. Deleting a Subscriber

1. To delete a subscriber:

VS Mktpl_33

2. Validate the subscriber and click “Confirm”.

VS Mktpl_34

Updated licensing details are now visible within the Manage experience.

VS Mktpl_25


4. How to Cancel Your Marketplace Subscription

1. To cancel your Marketplace Subscription:

VS Mktpl_35

2. Select the desired “Quantity”, and click “Update”.

Note:  Setting the quantity to 0 cancels the subscription, but you will continue to have access until the end of the billing cycle.

VS Mktpl_36

3. Click "Confirm" to cancel your subscription.

VS Mktpl_37

4. You’ve successfully cancelled your subscription.

Note:  If you have other “Subscription Levels”, the cancellation process will need to be repeated for those levels.

VS Mktpl_38

5. Understanding Visual Studio Marketplace Billing

When purchasing Visual Studio subscription from the Visual Studio Marketplace, you will need to access the Azure Account Center to view your invoices and payments.  If you don’t remember what your Subscriber ID was, or the Subscription Name try searching your email for a message from the “Microsoft Azure Team” with the Subject “Your Azure Subscription is ready”. 


The Azure team has already provided valuable information on the following topics:


5.1. Understanding the Visual Studio Subscription Billing Cycle

When purchasing from the Visual Studio Marketplace, there are two separate billing options available: monthly and annual.

For Monthly Subscriptions:  Your first month bill is pro-rated based on the date of purchase.  Therefore, a purchase on the 15th will only be charged about 50% of the monthly charge.  On the following month, you will be billed on the 1st, and the 1st of every one month thereafter.

For Annual Subscriptions:  You will pay the entire annual amount, but your renewal date will shift slightly.  If you purchase on April 10, 2017, your annual renewal date will be May 1, 2018.

Note: The billing refresh cycle kicks off at midnight on the first day of every month in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This means some customers may see their charges reflect on the last day of the month depending on their time zone.

VS Mktpl_39


6. Need Help?

For Billing Questions:  For subscriptions purchased through the Visual Studio Marketplace, please work with our Azure support team.

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Help + support” from the left-hand navigation
  3. Click “New Support Ticket” from the left-hand navigation
  4. Choose the most appropriate “Issue Type” (e.g. Billing)


For Visual Studio Subscriptions, Benefits, or Subscription Management: 

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select “Account, Subscription, and Billing Support”
  3. Select the appropriate “Issue”
  4. Choose your “Subscription Type” (Visual Studio Cloud Subscription)
  5. Choose your “Country”
  6. Select the desired contact option