Update rollup includes a security update for Windows Embedded Compact 7 (December 2018)

Applies to: Windows Embedded Compact 7

An update rollup is available for Windows Embedded Compact 7. This rollup resolves the security issues that are described in the following Microsoft TechNet topic:

CVE-2018-0886 | CredSSP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Before you install this update, the default value of the AllowEncryptionOracle registry key is (Vulnerable) (see KB 4455948 for more information). After you install this update, the default value is changed from Vulnerable to Mitigated. These changes will require a restart of the affected systems. By default, after this update is installed, patched clients can't communicate with unpatched servers.

Software update information

Download information

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 Monthly Update (December 2018) is now available from Microsoft. To download the update, go to the Device Partner Center (DPC).

The kind of processor that each file applies to is displayed in the name of each file in the "File information" section.


This update is supported only if all previous updates for this product are installed.

Restart requirement

After you apply this update, you must perform a clean build of the whole platform. To do this, use one of the following methods:

  • On the Build menu, select Clean Solution, and then select Build Solution.
  • On the Build menu, select Rebuild Solution.

You don't have to restart the computer after you apply this software update.

Update replacement information

This update doesn't replace any other updates.


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