Portal Solution Package Releases for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Applies to: Dynamics CRM


This article lists all of the updates that have been made to the following portal solution packages for Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with other information pertinent to those updates.
  • Base Portal
  • Community Portal
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Employee Self Service Portal

Version Check and Upgrade Information

To determine the version of a particular portal deployment, please reference KB #3166126. For instructions on how to upgrade the solutions within Dynamics 365 when a newer version is available, please reference KB #3192042.

Latest Portal Solution Package Update

Article Number Article Title Release Date Version


Portal Solution Version

9.2.2005.0 Release

May 2020 9.2.2005.0

Previous Portal Solution Package Updates

Article Number Article Title Release Date Version
Previous Releases Article containing all previous Portal Solution Package updates    
4513658 Portal Solution Version Release September 2019
4555094 Portal Solution Version

9.2.2003.2 Release

March 2020