Record URL generated through workflow routes the user to default app

Applies to: Dynamics CRM


Users when navigating through Record URL generated from workflow will be routed to the default app module and not to a specific app module.


Workflows generates legacy webclient url , the legacy webclient url does not contain appid information eventually routing user to the default app module.


We can create a customworkflow activity to append appid to record url which will route user to the required app.

  1. Create a custom workflow activity which accepts two input arguments i.e. Record URL , AppId.
  2. Accept the two input parameters , create output parameter by appending AppId to Record URL.
  3. The output argument of the custom workflow activity can now be used in subsequent steps.
  4. Since url created in output argument contains app module related information user will now be routed to the required app module (based on the appid present in the url).