UI flow Outputs not working

Applies to: Power Automate


Output is not successfully captured from the field that was selected.

Verifying issue

Solving steps

  • Make sure that the output text is in a readable field.
  • Make sure there is not an extra click action between clicking on the recorder and clicking on the field
  • If it does happen, you can identify and delete the extra step in the recorder later. Reference: Edit desktop UI flows

Best practices

  • Click on the field you intend to get the output from. A blue highlight will appear around it indicating focus.
  • Click on the Use Output option and follow the prompt.
  • The popup should have all the text in the scope of the field that was selected.
  • If the output is empty, please make sure that the field is read-enabled:
  1.  Stop the recording
  2.  Click on the output field.
  3.  Press Ctrl-A key combination to select the text in the output field.
  4.  Press Ctrl-C key combination to select the text in the output field.
  5.  Paste the text by Pressing Ctrl-V key combination.
  6.  If you are not able to see any text here, the field cannot be used to read text using Use Output.