Find your notifications

Windows 10 Mobile puts notifications and quick actions in action center, where you can get to them instantly. Swipe down from the top of your screen to open action center.

Open action center

Notifications at a glance

If a notification has an arrow to the right, select the arrow to read more or take action—like replying to a message—without having to open the related app or other notification sender. Don't want to take any action? Clear the notification by dragging it off screen to the right.

Expand or collapse notifications

Want to see notifications from some apps before others in action center? Press and hold a notification group's name and select Make this group high priority. Notifications from high-priority senders always appear above notifications from normal-priority senders.

Take a shortcut

Quick actions take you right to the settings and apps you're likely to use often, from Bluetooth to brightness. When you open action center you'll see either your top picks or all your available quick actions. Expand or collapse them to see more or fewer quick actions.

Quick actions


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