How to determine the version of Windows Media Player

Applies to: Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 SeriesWindows Media Player 10Windows Media Player 11


This article describes how to determine the version of Windows Media Player currently installed on your PC.

More Information

To determine the version of Windows Media Player, start Windows Media Player, click About Windows Media Player on the Help menu in and then note the version number below the Copyright notice.

Note If the Help menu is not displayed, press ALT + H on your keyboard and then click About Windows Media Player.

Version numberVersion of Windows Media Player (WMP) 5.2 Beta 5.2
6.02.902WMP 6.0 WMP 6.0 Internet Explorer 5 RC0 Beta WMP 6.0 WMP 6.2 Beta WMP 6.4
6.4.6.* WMP 6.4 for Windows 2000 Betas WMP 6.4 with multi-bit rate (MBR) updates for Internet Explorer 6.4 with MBR updates (minor error messaging updates from
6.4.9.* WMP 6.4 for Windows 2000 only 7 WMP 7 Update WMP 7 with Setup updates WMP 7 for Windows Millennium Edition (Me) 7.1 for Windows XP 9 Series for Windows XP, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 WMP 9 Series for Windows Server 2003 WMP 10
11.0.5721.5230 WMP 11 for Windows XP
11.0.6000.6344 WMP 11 for Windows Vista
12.0.7601.1754WMP 12 for Windows 7
12.0.9600.17031WMP 12 for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8