Print screen functionality fails with no error message


When we invoke Print screen through keyboard and try to paste into MSPaint , nothing happens.


This issue can occur when we have Outlook mail marked by "Information Rights Management (IRM)" open.This will prevent you from taking a screen capture.


To resolve the issue,close all the protected emails and try again.

More Information

If we take the screen clipping using the methods listed below we get the following warnings:

  • Snipping Tool: "Windows has prevented this snip from being captured because it contains protected information. Close all protected documents and then try again."
  • Microsoft OneNote: "Screen clipping is disabled when IRM-protected content is open.Close the IRM-protected document or message before taking screen clippings"
Steps to reproduce.
  1. Open an "Information Rights Management (IRM)"  IRM protected email from your Outlook 2007.
  2. Invoke Print Screen from your keyboard and try to paste into MSPaint.
  3. The operation fails with no visible errors.