How to Reset the License Information in Terminal Server License Manager


This article describes how to reset the information displayed by Terminal Server License Manager.

More Information

To reset the information:

  1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Services.
  2. Click Terminal Server Licensing, and then click Stop.
  3. Using Windows NT Explorer, open the Wtsrv\System32\Lserver folder, where Wtsrv is the folder in which Terminal Server is installed.
  4. Rename the Hydra.mdb file to Hydra.old.
  5. Expand the Hyrda.md_ file from the Terminal Server CD-ROM to Hydra.mdb in the Lserver folder.

    For example, use the following command to expand the file
    expand CD-ROM:\i386\hydra.md_ c:\wtsrv\system32\lserver\hydra.mdb
    where CD-ROM is the CD-ROM drive letter.

  6. Start the Terminal Server Licensing service. The Terminal Server Licensing database is blank.
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