Error Message: 405 Method Not Allowed


When you try to open a FrontPage Extended Web in FrontPage 2000, the following error message occurs:
The web server at http://servername does not appear to have the FrontPage server extensions installed.
When you try to submit a form from the Web page, the following error message occurs in the Web browser:

HTTP Error 405
405 Method Not Allowed

The method specified in the Request Line is not allowed for the resource identified by the request. Please ensure that you have the proper MIME type set up for the resource you are requesting.

Please contact the server's administrator if this problem persists.
Note:You will receive the message above in the FrontPage 98 Client when you click the Details button.


This error occurs because the _vti_bin virtual directory is not marked executable.


To resolve this problem, do the following:
  1. Click Start and point to Programs.
  2. Point to Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack.
  3. Point to Microsoft Internet Information Server.
  4. Click Internet Service Manager.
  5. Right-click the name of the virtual server that is having the problem, point to Task, and then click Check Server Extensions.
The Check Log will look similar to the following:
Web http://servername/
Begin check 7/30/99 11:36:26 AM
PROBLEM: The folder "/_vti_bin" is not executable. Marking it executable.
PROBLEM: Do you want FrontPage to tighten security as much as possible for all FrontPage webs?
End check 7/30/99 11:36:49 AM

More Information

If you attempt to browse to the Shtml.dll file at http://servername/_vti_bin/shtml.dll, the browser will attempt to download the DLL.