A recipient's details or presence information doesn't appear in Outlook contact card

Applies to: Outlook 2016


You experience one or more of the following symptoms in Microsoft Outlook:

  • An Outlook contact card doesn't display a recipient's details or presence information.
  • When you try to search for a recipient by using the Search People box, the search results display the user name without the presence information. Additionally, when you click to open the user's contact card, only minimal details are displayed.
  • No presence information is displayed for a recipient who's listed in the TO field. When you open that recipient's contact card, no details are displayed.


This issue occurs if the Outlook client is set in Online mode, and the following policy registry key is applied in your organization:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\SocialConnector
DWORD: DownloadDetailsFromAD
Values: 0

This registry sub key tells the Outlook client not to reach out to the online global address list (GAL) for the recipient's information. Instead, the Outlook client will only use the information that's in the offline address book (OAB). An online client doesn't download the OAB, which is why no recipient details are displayed.

Note When DownloadDetailsFromAD = 0, the information that's displayed in the People pane depends on the source location of the contact details. If the information is available only in Active Directory, the information isn't displayed in the People pane.


Before you troubleshoot this issue, you must differentiate between the following kinds of recipients:

  • A corporate recipient that exists in your GAL that includes information
  • A recipient that consists only of an SMTP address

Presence information and contact card details will not be displayed for a recipient that's just an SMTP address.

If the recipient exists in the GAL and includes information, remove the registry key that's mentioned in the "Cause" section to resolve this issue. 

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