Care for Surface Headphones

Applies to: Surface Headphones 2Surface Headphones

Here are some tips to keep your Surface Headphones in the best condition. 

Clean your Surface Headphones


Prevent damage to your Surface Headphones by avoiding exposure to liquids and high humidity. If the exterior of the Surface Headphones is exposed to water, dry them off with a soft towel as soon as possible.

Clean your Surface Headphones by wiping them with a soft cloth and an isopropyl alcohol solution 70% or less to remove dirt, debris, and oils. Using lotion or other liquids can damage the material of the earmuffs. Avoid moisture on the inside of your earmuffs. For info about using disinfectant products on your Surface Headphones, see Clean and care for your Surface.

Carrying case

When your Surface Headphones aren't in use, keep them in the carrying case to prevent scratches and other damage. The carrying case isn’t water or stain resistant.

Use a soft cloth moistened with a mixture of water and mild soap to clean the inside and outside of your carrying case.