Some SIDs do not resolve into friendly names

Applies to: Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2012


In some places in the Windows UI, you see Windows account security identifiers (SIDS) that do not resolve to friendly names. These places include the following:

  • File Explorer
  • Security Audit reports
  • The access control list (ACL) editor in Registry Editor, as shown in the following examples:

    A capability SID, visible in the ACL editor, does not resolve to a friendly name

    A capability SID that appears on the Advanced ACL editor does not resolve to a friendly name


Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 introduced a type of SID that is known as a capability SID. By design, a capability SID does not resolve to a friendly name.

Capability SIDs uniquely and immutably identify capabilities. In this context, a capability is an un-forgeable token of authority that grants a Windows component or a Universal Windows Application access to resources such as documents, cameras, locations, and so forth. An application that “has” a capability is granted access to the resource that is associated with the capability. An application that “does not have” a capability is denied access to the associated resource.

The most commonly used capability SID is the following:


Windows 10, version 1809 uses more than 300 capability SIDs.

More information

When you are troubleshooting an unresolved SID, make sure that it is not a capability SID. To get a list of all of the capability SIDs that Windows has a record of, follow these steps:

  1. Select Start > Run, and then enter regedt32.exe.
  2. Navigate to the following registry entry:
  3. Copy the value data and paste it into a text file (or a similar location where you can search the data).
  4. Search the data for the SID that you are troubleshooting.
    • If you find the SID in the registry data, then it is a capability SID. By design, it will not resolve into a friendly name.
    • If you do not find the SID in the registry data, then it is not a known capability SID. You can continue to troubleshoot it as a normal unresolved SID. Keep in mind that there is a small chance that the SID could be a third-party capability SID, in which case it will not resolve into a friendly name.