Web search in Windows 10 and supported regions

Applies to: Windows 10

  • Get quick answers – like weather, stock prices, and currency conversions and other web results from Bing when you search from your taskbar. Tap or click the search box, search  icon, or Start  menu and start typing.
    Seattle weather search result from the Windows 10 taskbar
  • Web search with quick answers in Windows 10 is available in these regions and is optimized for these languages:
    • Australia: English
    • Brazil: Portuguese
    • Canada: English and French
    • China: Chinese (Simplified)
    • France: French
    • Germany: German
    • India: English
    • Italy: Italian
    • Japan: Japanese
    • Mexico: Spanish
    • Spain: Spanish
    • United Kingdom: English
    • United States: English
  • In regions not listed above, you can type in the taskbar to start a web search, then press Enter or select a result to open it in Microsoft Edge.
  • Notes:
    • If desired, you can change your region in Settings  > Time & Language > Region; however, please note that in changing your region, you may not be able to shop at Microsoft Store or use things you've previously purchased, like memberships & subscriptions, games, movies, or TV shows.
    • If you're in a region listed above and your region settings are correct but Windows Search doesn't return web results when you search, installing the latest Windows Updates might fix the problem.