[UK] VAT Declaration Excel (UK) does not report Tax-Free purchase

Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations


[UK]  VAT Declaration Excel (UK) does not report Tax-Free purchase


The bug isclosed by design as no application or configurations changes are needed to get expectedresult.

To getexpected result, adjust Application specific parameters for “VAT DeclarationJSON (UK)” and “VAT Declaration JSON (UK)” by adding:

  • “PurchaseExempt”transaction classifier for “VATReclaimed” lookup result
  • “PurchaseExemptCreditNote”transaction classifier for “VATReclaimed” lookup result

Make surethat “Other” lookup result is the last in the list of lookup results:


UK MTDVAT ReportFieldLookup v2.zip” with example of application specificparameters is updated respectively for this type of scenario and can bedownloaded from the LCS.


Hotfix information

VSTF DAXSE: 346083

More information

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