Flow Runtime Errors and Recommendations

Applies to: Power Automate

Flow Runtime Errors

Flow Runs Slowly

  • If your Flow appears to run slowly, it is likely being throttled. See the Flow runtime limits documentation for details.
  • If you are using the "Apply to Each" action, please make sure you have concurrency enabled.
  • If you are using variables, please be aware that variables exclusively lock and will slow down loops significantly.
  • If using a Dynamics 365 trigger consider using the Common Data Service connector instead. In rare cases, Dynamics 365 triggers can take up to 2 hours to fire.

Use Custom Headers in HTTP Actions

Certain headers are removed from the HTTP Action. In order to pass custom headers through prepend them with 'X-', e.g. instead of 'Content-Disposition', use 'X-Content-Disposition.'