Italy: Changes in VAT management by D.L. 119 of 23 Oct 2018: Purchase and Sales Invoices Communication (“Esterometro”) on Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations


According to Legislative Decree no. 127/2015, art. 1 and Decree Law78/2010, art. 21, all companies in Italy must transmit electronically inXML format of the Purchases and Sales InvoicesCommunications (DATIFATTURA) starting fromOctober 2017. It was also announced by Italian tax Authority that from the beginningof 2019 together with an obligation of electronic VAT reporting with apre-approval with Italian tax authorities Sdl platform, the Purchases andSales Invoices Communications reporting will be replaced by the Esterometrosubmission - Purchases and Sales Invoices Communications report of cross-bordertransactions to or from non-residents, or non-established in the territory ofItaly entities.

Dynamics AX2012 R3 supports Purchases and Sales Invoices Communications report for Italy, the hotfix was released: #4038740.

(ITA) Meet“Esterometro 2019” report requirements in Finance and Operations (White paper):

This article describes changes in the Purchases and Sales Invoices Communications(Esterometro) reportingprocess on Dynamics AX 2012 R3 introduced for the purpose to accommodatechanges in VAT management in case if a company applies VAT management andreporting by tax point date (“Date of VAT register”): KB #4511202.


When acompany decides to use “Date of VAT register” feature to enable VAT managementby tax point date which differs from the date of transaction posting, setup of Purchasesand Sales Invoices Communications (Esterometro) reporting must be adjustedto collect invoices by Date of VAT register instead of the transactionposting date:

  1. Open General ledger > Reports> External > Invoices communication register, click Addrecords > Customer/Vendor invoices. Adjust the query so it will containthe “Date of VAT register” field:
2. Set the interval of dates for the period you aregoing to report. With this change, invoices will be added to the register byDate of VAT register instead of posting date.

When “Date of VAT register” parameterin General ledger parameters form is marked, the system on adding invoicesto the Invoices communication register willset “Source date” field value to Date of VAT register of the invoicesinstead of invoice date so, that user can easily filer the records by this date:

Importantnote: It issupposed that Date of VAT register field is filled in for all the taxtransactions in the related period. It is recommended to:

- Run “Salestax transactions extensionconsistency check before the first use of thereport when Date of VAT register parameter is activated in General ledgerparameters (KB #4511202).

- Checkwhether there are tax transactions with empty Date of VAT register using VATregister transactions periodic task (KB #4511202) for each period you report Purchases andSales Invoices Communications (Esterometro).

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