Troubleshooting notifications in the Your Phone app

Applies to: Your Phone appWindows 10

I’m not receiving any notifications

You won’t see any notifications if:

  • Your laptop battery is low, or Battery saver has been turned On.
  • If Focus assist (previously known as Quiet Hours) is turned on. Learn how to turn Focus assist off.
  • If Battery optimization exception is set to Off in Your Phone Companion Settings on your Android device. 


My notifications have stopped syncing

Notifications work independently to other Your Phone features like messaging and photos. When they stop working, resetting the notification permissions should start the syncing process again.

On your Android device:

  1. Go to Settings and search for “Notification access.”
  2. Find Your Phone Companion in the list and tap to toggle off/on.
  3. A pop-up will appear. Select Allow when prompted.

On your PC:

  1. Open the Your Phone app and choose Notifications. Wait for your notifications to refresh – they should now sync as normal.