Power Apps Portals Version 9.2.2.x Release

Applies to: Dynamics CRM Online


Portal capabilities version 9.2.2.x for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is in GA phase. To know the release schedule please check Office 365 message center for release schedule in your geographical region.

This article describes the features and enhancements that were included in this update, as well as the scope of the release. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference this KB article.

Power Apps Portals Version 9.2.2.x Release

This release includes only an updated portal host and no solution package updates. The portal host will automatically be updated to version by Microsoft.

Power Apps Portals Version 9.2.2.x Release

Portal host Version 9.2.2.x  resolves the following issues:

  • Portal Timeline control doesn't honor "Allow multiple files" option on Entity form and only allows a single file to be uploaded at a time. After this change, Portal Timeline control will honor the setting and will enable multiple files to be uploaded at once.
  • Entity List and Entity List Odata endpoint don't provide an error when the underlying Entity/Entity view is no longer valid. After this change, an error would be logged in diagnostic logging so portal developers can fix the undeflying issue.
  • "Rebuild Search Index" button is shown on /_services/about even when Search is disabled on Portal. After this change, button would not be shown if search is disabled.
  • Certain frames on the portal does not have title attribute.
  • While Paginating among Idea list in community portal, extra query string parameters are appended to the URL. After this change, extra query string parameters would be removed.
  • Portal keeps on showing deactivated languages in language selector. After this change only those languages which are active in CDS would be shown.
  • An error is thrown while loading Sharepoint Document grid when the primary attribute of the record starts with space. After this change, error will not be thrown and sharepoint grid will load automatically.
  • Quick View forms do not honor language setting of the portal and will render the content in primary language of the portal.  After this change quick view forms will honor language settings of the portal and will render content in selected language.
  • Webform progress indicator is not properly aligned when positioned on left side of the form.
  • Certain error messages are not translated properly in double byte languages like Japanese
  • Screen Reader reads the field error message twice.
  • If a workflow button is added to the webform, all other buttons (previous, next, submit) gets hidden in UI.
  • When a user is logged in, change password action throws an error if there are multiple contacts with same email address.
  • For Portals where Spanish language is enabled, an error is thrown on submit of an entity form if entity form has a map which has geolocation enabled.
  • An error is thrown on page when a user tries to delete a file greater than 50 MB.
  • Text "Public" is highlighted in KB search results if the text "Public" is present in descripton of the article.
  • Dates are displayed out of order in time series charts.
  • While editing webpages using portal front side page editor, users are not able to edit the webpages unless they have "Grant Change" permission on the parent page of the page which is being edited.

Following changes were added in build

  • Entity permission check on entity form should not be required for file attachment to work in that form but you must assign the Create, Append, and Append To permissions to the Annotation entity. -> (Included in both and builds)

Following changes were added in build

  • This change was reverted and will not be part of 9.2.2.x release

    "In Portal front side page editor, users are not able to access child webfiles in a webpage, if associated web page access control rule on webpage does not have any webrole associated

Following changes were added in build

  • Forum replies are not working for languages which supports double byte characters like Japanese, chinese etc.